The benefits of adding solar panels to your house

Solar power can save you money, saving you on your electric bills, can generate passive income, and can boost your home's property value.  
Solar can also provide better health due to clean air, water and soil.  Can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, providing energy independence, energy security, and energy reliability

Solar Energy Facts
Benefits #1: Low Electricity Costs
Whether you are using your solar panel system to supplement energy supplied by the electric company, or to change your energy company altogether, you should expect a substantially lower month to month cost for powering your home with solar panels. Depending on the size of your solar panel installation, you will be able to power your home’s air conditioning system, furnace, any major appliances, and pretty much all home electronics. Not only can you have saving of up to 75% on your utility costs, but you will see that your home can also produce a surplus of electricity, which can be sold to an electric company! Also, it is a fact that you will increase the resale value on your home and here in California will qualify for tax incentives.
Benefit #2: Live Off the Grid
Are you worried about being affected by power outages or blackouts? Switching to a solar powered system is a natural solution and easy solution, because all your energy can be produced directly from home.  You will never have to worry about getting power from your local electrical company again.  You will be able to handle any future power emergencies when the unexpected happens.
Benefits #3: Reducing your Carbon Footprint
Using solar power helps to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that is consumed by your home. Oil is the main source of energy used by power plants to generate electricity. By facilitating a solar power system, you’ll help to lower our countries consumption of fossil energy and its dependence on the foreign oil we consume.
Solar Facts

You might not know, but the energy that comes from the sun is called solar energy? The energy that is generated by the sun is from it’s nucleus from the thermonuclear from hydrogen fusion that is turned into helium. This energy wave is in an electromagnetic wave form that transmits from the nucleus of the sun and then out into space. The heat is compressed by gravitational pressure in the core of the sun to above 15 million Celsius degrees


Of course all of this energy from the sun does not come to our planet. The suns energy will go in every direction, and actually only a small amount goes towards the earth. The suns solar constant to earth averages 2 calories. An interesting fact is that about 35% of the suns energy that hits the earth goes back into space because of clouds and snow. This reflective quality of earth or any planet is called aldebo.