PG&E vs. Pioneer for El Dorado County Residents - An Automatic Change Beginning in the New Year

Last Updated 12/3/2021

El Dorado County residents, with the exception of Liberty Utilities customers in the eastern Tahoe region, will be automatically enrolled in Pioneer Energy on Jan. 1, 2022, in accordance with California state law.

Customers can choose to stay with Pioneer or opt out and return to PG&E at any time. Residents can make this decision as early as 60 days prior to enrollment.

Opting out can be achieved by calling 1-844-YES-PIONEER (1-844-937-7466)  or using the electronic form on Pioneer’s website.

PG&E does require returning customers to remain with them for no less than one year.

Pioneer Community Energy is a nonprofit community choice aggregation electricity provider. A board of directors made up of elected officials from its service areas governs the organization. Their mission is to power communities with competitive rates, reliable service, and a choice in energy options.

PG&E and Pioneer have a rate schedule comparison that can be utilized to determine which energy provider ratepayers would like to use. In addition, other resources to help you make your decision include Pioneer’s rate schedule and PG&E’s residential rate plan pricing.

For more information, feel free to give us a call to discuss this change.

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