Understanding Importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) On The Health Of You and Your Household

Last Updated 12/16/2021

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside our homes and workplaces is often more polluted than outdoor air – even in the most industrialized cities. Because many of us spend roughly 90 percent of our time indoors, indoor air pollution may present a real risk to our health.

At Smit’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we can make your home or place of business a healthier place to be by recommending and installing the indoor air quality (IAQ) solution is right for you.

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    FAQ's About Our IAQ Solutions

                  What are the top reasons people hire Smits to help with their Indoor Air Quality issues?

                  The main reason for someone to hire us for IAQ is that we will spend time with the customer to design a complete filtration system to correct the customer’s concerns, to remove the allergens/debris from the house to alleviate any allergies.

                    Unexpected benefits to IAQ (beyond health benefits)?

                    Customers may notice a cleaner house and possibly a need for less dusting and cleaning due to the IAQ collecting allergens and debris.

                      How does adding IAQ impact the efficiency of the HVAC system?

                      IAQ systems will typically integrate with the equipment, mounting inside of the cabinet or mounting to the supply air side.

                        Does adding IAQ require a change of any HVAC infastructure?

                        IAQ should not affect the equipment efficiency, it will still perform the same. It will help to keep the indoor coil cleaner.

                          Are there any maintenance considerations?

                          It can depend on the system and how dirty the house can get with pollen and debris. Typically, the IAQ filtration systems will still be cleaned once a year.

                            A Recent Review 

                            "I am very happy with the air system. It has lessened the debris greatly. And no one has gotten any sicknesses since it has been installed. The air seems a lot better for me as I have COPD and the dust and debris was a hindrance .
                            People that have been here have had colds, etc., but we don't get them, and I attribute that to the air scrubber." ~Charlotte Morgan  

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